Today’s Lunch

Added 2 cups of cooked baby spinach and 1 cup high fiber spaghetti to two 4 oz poached tuna steaks in a 50/50 mix of clam broth and lemon juice for a perfect summer lunch today. As always created this recipe for today’s special on tuna steaks ($6.99/lb) at Stew Leonards. Details below!

Today’s Bkfst: Blueberry Muffins

These gluten free, low carb muffins are so moist, light and flavorful.👍I tweaked recipe below by adding an extra egg for more protein and (since I love citrus flavors) 🍋a tbsp of grated lemon zest instead of vanilla extract. Really goes well along side your fav yogurt to round out the meal and further boost…

Nagoya Restaurant: Hibachi on a Rainy Day👍

Had to plan a dinner out for a family gathering yesterday (during a rainy Labor Day weekend) which included our 1 year old grandson and cousins visiting from Milan, Italy (one of whom had a milk intolerance). We were all so pleased to be entertained by our friendly and funny chef and really enjoyed our…

Village Bistro Restaurant

To start off the Labor Day weekend, had the pleasure of taking a nice stroll last night from a friend’s house in Woodmont section of Milford, Connecticut to this new restaurant to enjoy tapas in a beautiful atmosphere both inside and out (with great music and friendly staff to boot)! The menu listed an endless…

Alternative Pasta

Love to explore new products! Recently found this organic pasta with plant based protein and fiber from Italy! Check out nutrition facts panel below😁 Will enjoy in pasta salads, with my fav pesto, marinara sauce or made prima vera style!

Chilly Morning Breakfast

Stirred in a mashed banana, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp hemp seeds, 1/4 cup pitted cherries and 1/4 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk to 3/4 cup cooked steel cut oats for a warming and energetic start to my day today! My creamy and delicious go to breakfast on chilly mornings 🤗

Protein Spiked Meals

Cooked whole raw eggs in tomato sauce and served it as a great topping on peas and whole wheat rigatoni. Love the protein and texture of the eggs infused with the flavor of the tomato sauce! Simple, quick and delicious😋

A Winning Combo: Economics and Health🤸🏼‍♀️

As a former culinary demo specialist in the marketing dept of Whole Foods Market, one of my missions was to develop meals and recipes based on weekly sale items. Such planning has always been a way of life for me combining my culture with my nutrition expertise. See what I put together for lunch  from…

Cooking In Season

Planned a menu based on the Stew Leonard’s 4 day sale. My version of ratatouille made with 1 sliced sauteed onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a 28 oz organic crushed tomatoes,1/2 cup fresh basil, 1/4 cup chopped pitted kalamata olives and 1 green pepper and 2 eggplants. Cooked until tender served with ciabatta bread fresh…