#KaiSweets. #EdgewaterNJ

Found #Kai Sweets while shopping in (my fav Japanese market) #Mitsuwa in #EdgewaterNewJersey. Details below are just a few authentic Japanese delicacies presented so beautifully: Avocado salad Black Sesame pudding (to go in glass cup) Green tea Strawberry Daifuku (strawberry, red bean paste wrapped in mochi) Anmitsu (fresh fruit, gelatin,macha tea ice cream, red beans)

#Kristals #GreenwichCt

Had the pleasure of experiencing (in a beautifully decorated pristine environment) an #antiaging facial at #Kristals in #Greenwich last week and continue to enjoy the following 3 products at home: 24K Gold eye perfecting cream and Facial Perfecting Serum Rock Crystal Instant Skin Polisher Details below: https://www.kristals.com/


My husband and I brought our (toddler) grandson to the #SteppingStonesChildren’sMuseum in #NorwalkCt this morning. This was truly his fav outing by far!🎈 Great combo of Age-appropriate fun, educational, safe and friendly staff! Details below: http://www.steppingstonesmuseum.org/

#MyxKitchen #GreenwichCt

Decided to check out this new place while in Greenwich yesterday for take out and we enjoyed these menu items immensely: Curry Up with Salmon Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken Napoli Pizza Dessert: Housemade Ginger Tea PB Chocolate Energy Bites Details below: http://myxkitchen.com/

#BlueCactusGrill #NorwalkCt

Had to check out the buzz and experience #BlueCactusGrill in the #Springhill section of #NorwalkCt! First my husband and I enjoyed these items there: Scottsdale salad (❤️cilantro lime dressing) and the Colorado chicken cheese steak( grilled chicken breast with pesto and roasted peppers made on premises)👍 and sampled the notorious housemade potato chips (fresh,crisp without…

#Awakenthesenses #Gurunanda

❤️the life changing effects of aromatherapy that I have been experiencing for a few decades. The #Gurananda USB Bluetooth Speaker & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser allows me to experience my fav sounds 👂with my fav scents 👃using a simple and therapeutic modality. The use of the #Gurananda essential oils takes the entire experience up a…


Really enjoyed the update on clinical approaches to #treatmentofobesity held at Greenwich hospital! As a #Westportbasedregisteredand certifieddietitiannutritionist, I selectively register for and attend continuing education required in my field and enjoy attending such events with colleagues and other healthcare professionals within my community. Kudos to #YaleNewHavenHealth and #Greenwichhospital for organizing this. Details below:

#Earthplace #WestportCt

Enjoyed bringing my grandson to #Earthplace in #Westport (on a beautiful Spring day) yesterday. We especially enjoyed the animal story time and animal feedings (which were held both inside and outside). This museum is a Westport gem (with kid friendly staff) that we will return to soon, making more time to explore the grounds and…


Was inspired to (marinated) #grillchicken for #lunch today and topped it with arugula,avocado, tomatoes, red onions and sautéed mushrooms on an Ezekiel tortilla for a great lunch to start off the season👌🤸🏼‍♀️👍

#Aux Delicces #Darien Ct

Loved yesterday’s lunch at #Aux Delicces in #Darien, Ct. I appreciated that the crab cakes were fresh with little breading. (reminiscent of the crab cakes I had at my son, Eric’s wedding at the #FourSeasons in #Baltimore). 😋 The combo of citrus (lemon dressing and grapefruit sections with fennel) really gave the kale salad a…


Happy with my (hybrid) custom made #dentalnightguard provided by #Proteethguard. Very comfortable from the onset, easy to maintain and great personalized, customer service! Details below: https://www.proteethguard.com/