Rainbow: Nature’s Mother’s Day Gift

Nature provided me with a gift at the beginning (lilacs in my backyard) and end of this special day. Looked out from my kitchen window early evening and caught this incredible view as a spectacular end to my day. (A double rainbow, no less). Fascinating how it is an optical illusion caused by water droplets….

Lilacs: Nature’s Gift

Amazing what this flower provides during such a short blooming season! Just what I needed Mother’s Day morning when I decided to stroll through my back yard after a long morning walk. This blooming bush caught my eye! See link for inspiration on its meaning and significance including the intoxicating fragrance and the relaxation it…

Tropical Coffee

Started adding a tsp of this coconut milk powder to my coffee during my trip to Jamaica last week and continue to  love it! Smooth, creamy and sweet flavor  😋 Beats chemically flavored and sugar laden creamers and convenient to store.

Friday dinner

Tossed 1 lb cooked porcini mushroom tortellini, 1 cup peas and 1tsp crumbled bacon (omit for vegetarian) with 1 tsp olive oil and 1tsp grated Romano cheese to make this delicious meal in 20 min from start to finish!

Color Therapy

My cousin, Annette is very visual and creative. While visiting this weekend, she suggested I consider adding more color to my decor. We had fun shopping and redecorating! Love it! Adding colors you love, really has a profound effect on your mood. Amazing…thank you Annette😘

Love those omega 3s!

Simply bake your fav fish until tender with spritz of lemon and olive oil at 350 degrees. For this meal, I roasted it with with chopped mango, red onion, jalapeño and green beans and served it over organic mesclun mix with sautéed mushrooms as a side! Delicious without much fuss….

Snowbound Creativity

Simply simmer and make a sauce by combining 3/4 lb shredded vegan cheese with 3/4 cup milk of choice thickened with 2 tbsp chickpea flour until well blended. Toss with 12 oz cooked chickpea pasta and 1/2 lb steamed broccoli florets.Enjoy vegetarian broccoli (gluten free) mac and cheese. With a variety of frozen veggies (and…

No Cook meal for snow day

3 ingredients, no cooking, , low sugar and vegetarian! This will be my lunch for the anticipated snowstorm. Check out the combo of 6 nuts in this mixed nut butter. Fresh strawberries are a great way to add flavor and moisture without added sugar that most jams have. Love nutty and grainy texture of this…