Creative Leftovers

Roasted extra veggies for dinner, stored them in a container (which I stored in the refrigerator) and turned it over on a plate for lunch the next day. Beautiful and delicious cold drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Details below on cooking being like yoga

Tonight’s Dinner

Swap out the ground beef for lean ground turkey and add a few cups of baby spinach and 1/2 cup fresh parsley to your fav meatball recipe, shape into a mini loaf (or two) and oven roast until done to your likeness! Do combine a few of your fav veggies and oven roast them since…

Cold Shrimp Anyone?

Purchased cooked shrimp and squeezed fresh lime juice over it for a refreshing lean protein snack. ( Also delicious with chopped red onion, fresh garlic, cilantro and/or celery). Makes for a great topping on your fav salad for that perfect summer meal!

Rainbow: Nature’s Mother’s Day Gift

Nature provided me with a gift at the beginning (lilacs in my backyard) and end of this special day. Looked out from my kitchen window early evening and caught this incredible view as a spectacular end to my day. (A double rainbow, no less). Fascinating how it is an optical illusion caused by water droplets….

Lilacs: Nature’s Gift

Amazing what this flower provides during such a short blooming season! Just what I needed Mother’s Day morning when I decided to stroll through my back yard after a long morning walk. This blooming bush caught my eye! See link for inspiration on its meaning and significance including the intoxicating fragrance and the relaxation it…

Tropical Coffee

Started adding a tsp of this coconut milk powder to my coffee during my trip to Jamaica last week and continue to  love it! Smooth, creamy and sweet flavor  😋 Beats chemically flavored and sugar laden creamers and convenient to store.