Drink of the Day🥛

Love to kick my day off with something hydrating to replenish and cleanse my body. Refreshing flavor and made of mostly water, cucumber infused water is the way to go! Check out its amazing health benefits on link below. Happy hydrating💧 http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/8231704

Summer Go to Lunch

Gluten free, no cooking, high protein, low in fat and sugar and super refreshing!  Pair with your fav seasonal fruit. Details below:

Fun Hydration

Love all the new summer flavors, no artificial sweetener or sugars and calorie free. Convenient, healthy and economical👍

Summer Breakfast

No cook, gluten-free, juicy, light, colorful, nutritious and delicious. Love eating seasonally since food always tastes best and costs less. Sometimes I add plain nonfat Greek yogurt for protein and to add creaminess.   Photo and link below for more info.! Enjoy🤗 https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&site=&source=hp&ei=s8RHWcCqDoKS-AGcp4rICQ&q=blueberries+nutrition&oq=blueberries&gs_l=mobile-gws-hp.1.2.0l3j0i131k1j0.2130.4806.0.6227.….0…1.1.64.mobile-gws-hp..0.12.626.3..41.r7XwDKJPBjI

Cashewgurt: Good Value

Great value on sale for $1 at Shoprite today! Check out nutrition panel and ingredients below! Creamy texture and flavor, lightly sweet.👍

Texas Caviar: Need a Colorful and Tasty Side Dish?

Love this as a side dish to any grilled seafood or meat or as a vegetarian meal or appetizer served with tortilla chips. No cooking necesary, packed with flavor, fiber and nutrients! My variation in photo below. See link to video of one of the many recipes. Enjoy your own spin on it. Make it…

White Grape Juice Spritzer

Love the crisp and refreshing taste of unsweetened white grape juice when it’s chilled! Better yet, add equal parts of that to your favorite fruit flavored seltzer for a natural, (no added sugar) non alcoholic drink. Makes for a great antioxidant pick me up for such festive occasions as bridal showers or children’s’ birthday parties….

Cinco de Mayo 

Love tropical fruits! In the mood to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Already started to add mangos to my smoothie this am (with Greek yogurt, banana and kale). They are delicious plain for dessert or try making mango salsa and enjoy!    

Protein and Omega 3 on the run

Seasoned tuna in a pouch with a spoon that doesn’t have to be refrigerated (if unopened) that is ready to eat, provides 12 grams of protein in a 2.5 oz portion (pouch size), 90 calories, 0 fat and needs no can opener. Wow!