My 2 New Fav Greek Yogurt Flavors😋

Just had to share 2 new Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt flavors! Love how innovative and progressive they are with providing interesting foods for a good value (at only 99 cents each)! High in protein and a good source of calcium👍Details below: Advertisements

Mid afternoon Snack

Dates with almond butter are a delicious and simple gluten free vegan snack that go well with tea for a great pick me up!

Soursop Fruit for Bkfst😋

Have enjoyed Soursop ever since I tasted it in Jamaica! Decided this Soursop shake would be a good tasty and immunity building start to my day on a cold winter morning. Love the pungent flavor of it, different and refreshing! (Coconut water in recipe excluded from my shake this am.) More below:

Holiday Weekend Drink

This morning started out with this magnificent sunrise followed by beautiful snow flakes! Great day for a matcha latte using my organic matcha tea powder and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Holiday Sparkle Drink

To make 1 serving, add a 2-3 frozen berries (love WFM 365 berry medley) to a cup of your fav mineral water for a healthy, low cal, low sugar, alcohol free, fruit infused and colorful holiday drink!

2 ingredient Vegan Holiday Dip

Need to keep things simple during this holiday season? Combine 1/2 cup each of your fav cooked beans (such as white cannellini) with red roasted peppers and purée in blender. Drain both veggies if using canned varieties. Yields 1 cup of spread. Great as a spread or dip with crudités, crusty or whole grain pita…