Holiday Sparkle Drink

To make 1 serving, add a 2-3 frozen berries (love WFM 365 berry medley) to a cup of your fav mineral water for a healthy, low cal, low sugar, alcohol free, fruit infused and colorful holiday drink!

2 ingredient Vegan Holiday Dip

Need to keep things simple during this holiday season? Combine 1/2 cup each of your fav cooked beans (such as white cannellini) with red roasted peppers and purée in blender. Drain both veggies if using canned varieties. Yields 1 cup of spread. Great as a spread or dip with crudités, crusty or whole grain pita…

Birthday Joy 🐬

Happy birthday to me! This is the way I have chosen to start my birthday today.  Greek yogurt and fruit in season it is 🌝Details below on nutrition facts of these sweet jewels.  As a side note: I will end my day as a volunteer ambassador for the Connecticut Humane Society to cover a local…

Drink of the Day🥛

Love to kick my day off with something hydrating to replenish and cleanse my body. Refreshing flavor and made of mostly water, cucumber infused water is the way to go! Check out its amazing health benefits on link below. Happy hydrating💧