Organic Brown Rice Flour

Gluten free alternative whole grain flour for the holidays that I like to use as a swap when flour is needed in a recipe. Possibilities for using it are endless😊Love the lighter texture results! Thank you Whole Foods Market!

Riced Broccoli

Love this convenient frozen non gmo item. Ready to be added to pizza or sauces. Great way to boost your veggie intake without much fuss. Convenient, economical and delicious!

Love my pizza!

Followed baking directions on package for the cauliflower crust and then simply baked it about 10 minutes longer once I placed my fav toppings on it. Way to go Trader Joe’s! Details below:

Organic Cauliflower Rice: Yes!

Great value at Costcos for this 3 lb bag from Italy that contain 4 individually sealed units. Simply added my fav tomato sauce over this cauliflower that I  sauteed and it was ready in minutes. See below for link with endless recipes and photos.………178.1213.10j3…………mobile-gws-wiz-hp…..3..41.M0iKl89N6yw%3D

Combining Creativity with Health and Economics

Typically create a recipe based on what’s in sale/in season. Must try sautéing eggplant and lean ground turkey in your fav tomato sauce and add mozzarella and/or ricotta when serving. The turkey was $1.99/lb and the ricotta $2.99/2 lb container and mozzarella $1.99 until Saturday at Shoprite. Lower fat choices available. Details below and on…

Grilled Veggies

When time is of the essence and I happen to be using the grill, I just toss any variety of frozen veggies I have in a little olive oil and grill them on a nonstick perforated grilling pan. No washing or cutting up and typically faster and more economical then grilling fresh veggies. Alternative method…

Shot of B-12🤸🏼‍♀️

An average of once/year, I sauté a few onions and liver (reminiscent of a dish I grew up with but also a huge natural shot of B-12 amongst other nutrients). This time I have chosen to grill cabbage to serve along side it. All very simple. Love the crispy edges on the cabbage. Truly a…

Today’s Bkfst: Blueberry Muffins

These gluten free, low carb muffins are so moist, light and flavorful.👍I tweaked recipe below by adding an extra egg for more protein and (since I love citrus flavors) 🍋a tbsp of grated lemon zest instead of vanilla extract. Really goes well along side your fav yogurt to round out the meal and further boost…

A Winning Combo: Economics and Health🤸🏼‍♀️

As a former culinary demo specialist in the marketing dept of Whole Foods Market, one of my missions was to develop meals and recipes based on weekly sale items. Such planning has always been a way of life for me combining my culture with my nutrition expertise. See what I put together for lunch  from…