Sautéed few crushed garlic cloves in 1 tbsp olive oil, added 1 cup boiled hot water and 1/2 cup lentil pasta with chopped sardines and olives, cooked until pasta was al dente! Pic/video below:😋


Tossed cold steamed dandelion and kidney beans with fresh lemon juice and olive oil for a quick and healthy delicious dinner salad.

#chickpeaflourcrust. #glutenfreepizza

Combined equal parts of chickpea flour and water with generous amt of chopped fresh basil. Cooked crust in olive oil in 10 in pan on stove, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, artichoke hearts and grated Romano cheese. Baked in 425 degree oven 12 minutes! Absolutely healthy, delicious vegetarian meal👍🌞

#Today’slunch🌞 #vegetarianglutenfree

Was craving a seasonal vegetarian and gluten free meal that was satisfying and nourishing combining hot and sweet flavors based on what I had on hand. So I topped baked sweet potato slices with a sautéed mix of chickpeas, onions, garlic, turmeric, spinach and chipotles. Hit the spot!👍

#Seasonaleating. #Mediterraneandiet🌞

Roasted and drizzled with olive oil: cod (topped with herbs), fresh pumpkin (topped with pumpkin pie spice) and organic broccoli Simple, healthy and delicious👌

#EHSTO! #Westportfarmersmarket

Grabbed these gluten and grain free items to try at the Westport farmers market this am which I wanted to share ASAP in case you want to pick some up now! Love the ingredients, the beet hummus was fresh, nutritious and delicious which I plan to wrap in the tortilla shown later. 👍Plan to top…