Saturday Breakfast

Lowfat Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries (juicy and plump in season) on wholegrain waffle. Simple, healthy and delicious!

Sea Scallops

Thanks to Stew Leonards, the sea scallops were a deal today at $9.99/lb and so fresh! (Details on their website).  Just sauteed them in a non stick pan and drizzled a dressing made of lime juice and miso. They were heavenly. As I continued my stroll through the store on the way to check out,…

Veggie Omelette

Using a nonstick pan, simmer any combo of veggies with your fav spices until tender and pour a few eggs whipped with a few tbsps of water. Lightly Top with your fav cheese. Cook until firm and enjoy a great combo of protein and antioxidants in no time! Great for any meal😋 ​ ​

Tis the season

Love eating seasonally! Enjoy the fresh abundance of basil and tomatoes now and delight in the heavenly aromas and flavors😋

Quick and Easy Grilled Meal

Wrapped broccoli florets drizzled with a dash of olive oil in foil and made turkey burgers with a blend of Italian herbs for an easy meal on the barbecue!

Summer Go to Lunch

Gluten free, no cooking, high protein, low in fat and sugar and super refreshing!  Pair with your fav seasonal fruit. Details below:

Fun Hydration

Love all the new summer flavors, no artificial sweetener or sugars and calorie free. Convenient, healthy and economical👍

Summer Breakfast

No cook, gluten-free, juicy, light, colorful, nutritious and delicious. Love eating seasonally since food always tastes best and costs less. Sometimes I add plain nonfat Greek yogurt for protein and to add creaminess.   Photo and link below for more info.! Enjoy🤗….0…

Cashewgurt: Good Value

Great value on sale for $1 at Shoprite today! Check out nutrition panel and ingredients below! Creamy texture and flavor, lightly sweet.👍

Want to boost your intake of veggies and fiber?

Do you love pasta, are trying reduce carbs or go gluten free? Used my spiralizer to replace pasta with zucchini. Just simply sauteed it until tender with a tsp of olive oil and a clove of crushed garlic. Topped this with my favorite sauce and grated Romano cheese for a delicious and nutritious meal. Photos…