Organic Brown Rice Flour

Gluten free alternative whole grain flour for the holidays that I like to use as a swap when flour is needed in a recipe. Possibilities for using it are endless😊Love the lighter texture results! Thank you Whole Foods Market!

Today’s Vegetarian Lunch

Planning to just sprinkle a bit of pecorino romano grated cheese on these (grilled veggies made in Italy) to make a delicious, easy and healthy sandwich with whole wheat pita. Both from Trader Joe’s. Beats cold cuts! Details below:

Riced Broccoli

Love this convenient frozen non gmo item. Ready to be added to pizza or sauces. Great way to boost your veggie intake without much fuss. Convenient, economical and delicious!

Love my pizza!

Followed baking directions on package for the cauliflower crust and then simply baked it about 10 minutes longer once I placed my fav toppings on it. Way to go Trader Joe’s! Details below:

Organic Cauliflower Rice: Yes!

Great value at Costcos for this 3 lb bag from Italy that contain 4 individually sealed units. Simply added my fav tomato sauce over this cauliflower that I  sauteed and it was ready in minutes. See below for link with endless recipes and photos.………178.1213.10j3…………mobile-gws-wiz-hp…..3..41.M0iKl89N6yw%3D

Eating Seasonally (and Economically)

As a former nutritionist for Westchester County Office for the Aging in NY, Catholic Charities and Headstart in Ct, I was always responsible for planning recipes, meals and menus that were healthy and economical. (Combined with my formal education and training achieved in obtaining a masters degree from NYU in nutrition education and community nutrition),…