Received this glass container as part of a flower arrangement. Now used to keep my remote controls visible and handy. ❤️Repurposing

Kindred Spirits Brewery Tour

While going on a brisk walk in a beautiful corporate park in Virginia with my friends this week, we decided to stop in and see this new brewery. Jason Trottier, owner, offered to give us a private tour (photo below).  Really enjoyed the refreshing citrus flavors in the Headspace variety. More details on link and…

Wegmans: Supermarkets at their Best

During a trip to Virginia this week, decided to finally stop in.  As a nutritionist, have heard wonderful things about this company concerning their quality, service, etc.  Aisles were wide, was extremely organized, selections in all categories were extensive! Calorie counts were posted for ready made foods. The restroom was meticulous with each sink providing…

The Awakening: Spring

Took note of these amazing flowers during an early morning walk. The earth once again has awakened and invites our senses visually and through delightful aromas to feel the renewal. Do you allow yourself to be reenergized by communing with nature regularly? Let us be grateful for this gift that is there for all of…

The Power of Art

Some of the things I learned from my art class today to try for when creating art: Be child like and not childish about it See colors when listening to music Be fully human and in the moment Identify what I am focusing on in the painting I also learned that my style and preference…

Magical Day

Spent the day at the Cloisters today and truly felt like I was in France during Medieval times. The architecture, breath taking views of the Hudson River and the herb and flower gardens were amazing! More details on link below….

Music Therapy

Was very inspired by the beautiful music selected by my niece, Danielle, for her wedding in Jamaica recently. Seems that we share the same taste in this area for sure.👌 Very moving and low key. Enjoy! Check out Lana Del Rey’s song young and beautiful on utube….👯