Boca Restaurant

Really enjoyed the scenic water view, comfortable atmosphere, friendly service and my delicious Mediterranean style lunch today in the heart of Westport! The appetizer of grilled branzino was beautifully served on a bed of arugula and topped with tapenade. The beet salad really hit the spot with its roasted brussel sprouts, beets and fresh baby…

Dinner Out!

Love having dinner with friends at my favorite Chinese food restaurant! Service is friendly, food is fresh and served in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. Portions are generous. I took half home to enjoy a delicious and easy lunch the next day. Details below:

Rice to Riches Dessert

An alternative and fun dessert place in NYC that offers endless varieties of rice pudding including cannoli, my favorite! Check it out if you are looking for something a bit different after lunch or dinner in a fun and festive atmosphere. Details below:

Turkish Breakfast in a Great Location of NYC

Had to return this morning to try the traditional Turkish omelette made with tomatoes, peppers and eggs and served with simit which has a similar texture to that of a soft pretzel. If you like sesame seeds, simits are delicious! Topped this off with Turkish coffee served with a lightly sweetened rose flavored miniature pastry….

New Italian Restaurant: Hell’s Kitchen NYC

Had a great lunch yesterday which consisted of a simple arugula salad with a great panini sandwich of tender grilled chicken and mozzarella at a restaurant that just opened a few months ago. Staff was welcoming and attentive. Lovely atmosphere. Really hit the spot. Will return. Details below:

Turkish Cafe

Loved this modern cafe offering lots of healthy and creative food at good prices located right on fifth avenue in NYC! The sandwich of salmon, avocado and a light smear of cream cheese was super fresh and delicious served on their specialty bread! Traditional Turkish tea was hot, strong and authentic. Details below:…0…

Sushi: Omega 3 Perk

On days when I have not planned my dinner ahead after a long and busy day, I enjoy having sushi as a refreshing and light meal that always makes me feel good afterwards. Here is a great stop that I consistently enjoy where it is always fresh, punctual (when I call ahead for pick up)…

Nagoya Restaurant: Hibachi on a Rainy Day👍

Had to plan a dinner out for a family gathering yesterday (during a rainy Labor Day weekend) which included our 1 year old grandson and cousins visiting from Milan, Italy (one of whom had a milk intolerance). We were all so pleased to be entertained by our friendly and funny chef and really enjoyed our…

Village Bistro Restaurant

To start off the Labor Day weekend, had the pleasure of taking a nice stroll last night from a friend’s house in Woodmont section of Milford, Connecticut to this new restaurant to enjoy tapas in a beautiful atmosphere both inside and out (with great music and friendly staff to boot)! The menu listed an endless…

Italian Restaurant Worth Trying: Sauro’s

Typically shy away from eating Italian food out but went for it after a friend told me about it. Loved my Pear and Gorgonzola salad and the eggplant focaccia sandwich. All very fresh and tasty.  Many entrees were available in 2 portion sizes 👍Opened just a few years ago in Patterson, NY. Very clean, bright,…