#Seasonaleating. #Mediterraneandiet🌞

Roasted and drizzled with olive oil: cod (topped with herbs), fresh pumpkin (topped with pumpkin pie spice) and organic broccoli Simple, healthy and delicious👌

#EHSTO! #Westportfarmersmarket

Grabbed these gluten and grain free items to try at the Westport farmers market this am which I wanted to share ASAP in case you want to pick some up now! Love the ingredients, the beet hummus was fresh, nutritious and delicious which I plan to wrap in the tortilla shown later. 👍Plan to top…

#ShearwaterOrganicCoffee. #Ct

Started my day today with local small batch roasted organic Ethiopia coffee in which the beans are sun dried with skin and pulp. The natural fruit and aromatic flavors (details below) were outstanding and a real treat to start my day❤️🌞👍 Thank you Shearwater. It was my pleasure to share this with the community.🙏 http://www.shearwatercoffeeroasters.com

#today’sbkfst. #listentoyourbody

Craved these ingredients this am which made a gluten free, simple vegetarian (different for some🤔) breakfast I thoroughly enjoyed.😋 Just combined these items: Organic chickpeas,fresh dill, olive oil, lemon and organic greens👌🤸🏼‍♀️


Roasted fresh pumpkin on parchment paper topped with pumpkin pie spice as a side dish last night🎃 seasonal eating❤️ Pumpkins are a fruit packed with antioxidants, 90 percent water and great for your skin👌

#Freshii. #WestportCt

Picked up 3 items (1/category to go) from Freshii in town (Westport, Ct) for a convenient and veggie packed lunch to sample after pilates class today. Love that menu lists ingredients and calories! Soup: Superfood-nice variety of cruciferous veggies, light and tasty Bowl: Oaxaca-requested protein add one-falafel and chicken-very satisfying Burrito: Khao San-my fav due…


It was a pleasure to try each of the 3 varieties of wines from Rotation I received from them recently! A great value. 👍 Just in time for the holidays. 👌 Since I enjoy cooking, will also explore adding them to a few recipes. 😋 Details, complete description and pricing below: http://rotationwines.com


Simmering scallops for lunch right now in a bit of garlic, olive oil and cilantro. Picked them up this morning from The Local Catch at Westport farmers market. Love them! Details and video below: http://thelocalcatch.com/

#Orensdailyroast. #NYC

Stopped in at the Oren’s on Waverly Place in Greenwich Village this morning for a cup of Sumatra, their coffee of the day 👍 and a bag of their freshly ground (full complex flavor with a tasting note of molasses). 🌞 Check out (my previous post from May 2018 and) their interesting variety of treats…