My 2 New Fav Greek Yogurt Flavors😋

Just had to share 2 new Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt flavors! Love how innovative and progressive they are with providing interesting foods for a good value (at only 99 cents each)! High in protein and a good source of calcium👍Details below: Advertisements

Mid afternoon Snack

Dates with almond butter are a delicious and simple gluten free vegan snack that go well with tea for a great pick me up!

Soursop Fruit for Bkfst😋

Have enjoyed Soursop ever since I tasted it in Jamaica! Decided this Soursop shake would be a good tasty and immunity building start to my day on a cold winter morning. Love the pungent flavor of it, different and refreshing! (Coconut water in recipe excluded from my shake this am.) More below:

Tonight’s Dinner: Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

Just added leftover turkey breast to this lightly seasoned frozen veggie combo from Trader Joe’s made in France. Tossed it around few minutes in small amt of avocado oil until tender. Really flavorful, healthy and low carb!

Seasonal Snack

Love eggnog anything! Thanks Trader Joe’s for making super creamy and lightly sweet eggnog Greek Yogurt. All I did was add a bit of nutmeg on top to enjoy this seasonal high protein snack.

Today’s Vegan Lunch

Combined 1/4 cup of cooked organic kidney beans with equal amounts of cooked barley and avocado and wrapped it up with a whole grain tortilla. Topped it off with my a cup of my fav tomato sauce spiked with 1/4 tsp cumin and a tbsp of shredded almond cheddar cheese. Bake in in oven at…