Drink of the Day🥛

Love to kick my day off with something hydrating to replenish and cleanse my body. Refreshing flavor and made of mostly water, cucumber infused water is the way to go! Check out its amazing health benefits on link below. Happy hydrating💧 http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/8231704

Summer Go to Lunch

Gluten free, no cooking, high protein, low in fat and sugar and super refreshing!  Pair with your fav seasonal fruit. Details below:

Fun Hydration

Love all the new summer flavors, no artificial sweetener or sugars and calorie free. Convenient, healthy and economical👍

Kindred Spirits Brewery Tour

While going on a brisk walk in a beautiful corporate park in Virginia with my friends this week, we decided to stop in and see this new brewery. Jason Trottier, owner, offered to give us a private tour (photo below).  Really enjoyed the refreshing citrus flavors in the Headspace variety. More details on link and…

Cinco de Mayo on a Rainy Day

Want to celebrate but prefer to just kick your shoes off and head home? These chicken and cheese burritos from Costco are a healthy, convenient and economical choice for tonight if you can’t prep your own. Just microwaved a burrito in a minute and added a salad! Check out nutrition facts panel below. (Nothing beats…


My beautiful niece, Danielle, gave me this seaglass last weekend and I continue to wear it daily, holding it near and dear to my heart. See link below to learn about how seaglass is a metaphor for life and is a story about resilience and determination. Thank you Danielle 😘 https://seaglassjewelrybyjane.com/starfish/

Food and Memory

This is the last of what I have left from my trip to Jamaica. I treasure the memories of my trip and my niece’s special wedding there as I sip, taste and smell it. Amazing how the emotions can be tied in with experiences of certain foods which can last for decades. All of this…


I like the fact that this cereal is crunchy, only lightly sweet, has a vanilla flavor, contains red bean flakes with more nutrition facts on label below! Goes well when mixed into your fav yogurt or with added fruit or cinnamon and your milk of choice👍