Throat Soothers

Woke up this morning with laryngitis for which I added turmeric (reduces inflammation) in soup (warm liquids to soothe/prevent dryness) and massaged a homemade eucalyptus oil rub on my throat and chest. So nice to have had these ingredients on hand. Need my voice back soon 🤦‍♀️Details below: Advertisements

Alternative Pasta

Love to explore new products! Recently found this organic pasta with plant based protein and fiber from Italy! Check out nutrition facts panel below😁 Will enjoy in pasta salads, with my fav pesto, marinara sauce or made prima vera style!

Aromatherapy at its Best☺️

Added rosemary to cold pressed extra virgin oil which I plan to use in meals and for my skin and hair. I also plan to add it to a spray bottle filled with water to freshen up my house, car and to use as a bug repellant. Love the mental clarity and relaxation it provides…

God Never Blinks

Received a book last month as an early birthday gift from my sister in law and have enjoyed reading (and re-reading) a lesson every morning to start my day as a meditation. I have found it to be user friendly and very helpful in providing a healthy prospective on many aspects of life one may…

Drink of the Day🥛

Love to kick my day off with something hydrating to replenish and cleanse my body. Refreshing flavor and made of mostly water, cucumber infused water is the way to go! Check out its amazing health benefits on link below. Happy hydrating💧

Summer Go to Lunch

Gluten free, no cooking, high protein, low in fat and sugar and super refreshing!  Pair with your fav seasonal fruit. Details below: