Really enjoyed the update on clinical approaches to #treatmentofobesity held at Greenwich hospital! As a #Westportbasedregisteredand certifieddietitiannutritionist, I selectively register for and attend continuing education required in my field and enjoy attending such events with colleagues and other healthcare professionals within my community. Kudos to #YaleNewHavenHealth and #Greenwichhospital for organizing this. Details below:


Always enjoy strolling through the Main Street tunnel in town. I find this artwork touching and very inspirational. ‘The lyrics come to mind: “Reach out and touch, somebody’s hand, make this a better world if you can.”

Aromatherapy at its Best☺️

Added rosemary to cold pressed extra virgin oil which I plan to use in meals and for my skin and hair. I also plan to add it to a spray bottle filled with water to freshen up my house, car and to use as a bug repellant. Love the mental clarity and relaxation it provides…

A Day in the Life: Westport Library Exhibit

Have lovely memories of Westport since I was five years old. Many of them have been so creatively captured in this exhibit! Was so taken by the photos so nicely displayed during my visit there today. Reminds me of why I chose to live here and continue to enjoy all the amenities it has to…


Received this glass container as part of a flower arrangement. Now used to keep my remote controls visible and handy. ❤️Repurposing

The Awakening: Spring

Took note of these amazing flowers during an early morning walk. The earth once again has awakened and invites our senses visually and through delightful aromas to feel the renewal. Do you allow yourself to be reenergized by communing with nature regularly? Let us be grateful for this gift that is there for all of…

The Power of Art

Some of the things I learned from my art class today to try for when creating art: Be child like and not childish about it See colors when listening to music Be fully human and in the moment Identify what I am focusing on in the painting I also learned that my style and preference…