The Power of Art

Some of the things I learned from my art class today to try for when creating art: Be child like and not childish about it See colors when listening to music Be fully human and in the moment Identify what I am focusing on in the painting I also learned that my style and preference…


Received this beautiful tulip plant as a gift from my cousins, Enrico and Laura on Easter when I attended a warm and loving gathering at their home. After an entire meal, including bread and traditional Italian Easter pies that were all baked to perfection in their outdoor oven, they presented me with this plant as…


My beautiful niece, Danielle, gave me this seaglass last weekend and I continue to wear it daily, holding it near and dear to my heart. See link below to learn about how seaglass is a metaphor for life and is a story about resilience and determination. Thank you Danielle 😘

Food and Memory

This is the last of what I have left from my trip to Jamaica. I treasure the memories of my trip and my niece’s special wedding there as I sip, taste and smell it. Amazing how the emotions can be tied in with experiences of certain foods which can last for decades. All of this…

Music Therapy

Was very inspired by the beautiful music selected by my niece, Danielle, for her wedding in Jamaica recently. Seems that we share the same taste in this area for sure.πŸ‘Œ Very moving and low key. Enjoy! Check out Lana Del Rey’s song young and beautiful on utube….πŸ‘―