Wellness & Coaching Services


To help your employees reduce their healthcare costs, improve their cholesterol levels, improve their blood pressure or  achieve a healthier weight  and to receive private health coaching contact Nancy at: nancyferriello@gmail.com.

Available Services:

Wellness Seminars

Cooking Classes

Nutrition Counseling

Recipe Development & Anaylsis

Foodservice Wellness Programs

Nancy Ferriello is a registered/certified dietitian nutritionist with a demonstrated ability to positively influence clients’ lifestyle change while maintaining a high level of outreach. For example, being fluent in Spanish and Italian as well as having extensive experience with both group and individual counseling, has allowed her to steadily increase her reach from a handful to thousands of clients. Her extensive project management and leadership experience of health and wellness practitioners has covered several industries and workplace structures: social service, corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, product development and brand management. In 2014, she was winner of the Whole Foods Market NE Feed Culinary Culinary Challenge Contest, a large regional event that represented 38 stores. She inspires others to practice “eating healthy without fuss” via her blog: nancyferriello.wordpress.com

Mailing Address:

Nancy Ferriello MS RDN CDN

17 Sea Spray Road

Westport, Connecticut  06880


Healthy Eating Without Fuss 🥗

All rights reserved.

Justice of the Peace Services

Nature-oriented ceremonies


Westport, Connecticut


Foreign Language: Italian, Spanish

Looking for a simple/personalized ceremony or a holistic and nature-oriented wedding?

Optional features available: As a trilingual (Italian and Spanish) dietitian nutritionist, REIKI practitioner and wellness consultant, I can provide REIKI treatments and guided meditations for couples pre and post wedding along with personal meal planning and cooking classes designed to meet your lifestyle and preferences. Yes I can assist with reception planning!

I am ready to help you set the ground work and to be equipped for a healthy and joyous beginning. Approaching my 4th decade of marriage🙏


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