#TheNaan. #WestportCt

Since I ❤️ the artistic use of herbs 🌿and spices in Indian cooking, just had to check out this new North Indian restaurant nearby in Westport! Really enjoyed the zen atmosphere (friendly staff, fun upbeat music and new, sleek furnishings). Freshly made tamarind and mint chutneys were served with papadum. Tried the following: Cocktails with…

#Ripkasbeachcafe. #Norwalkct

❤️ the screamin’ oysters topped with housemade sauce (curry,mango and siracha) and hot lobster roll (with lettuce,shallots and butter)😋 Other items to try listed above.👍🌞 Eating delicious seafood on the beach is always fun! More details below: http://www.ripkasbeach.com/

#3ingredients. #Vegetarian

Great for any meal. Truly “healthy eating without fuss!” Just combine 1 tsp pesto with 1 cup drained cannellini beans as a topping on Wasa sourdough wholegrain crispbread👍🌞👌 Use as a topping on rice cakes for a gluten free option.

#Julianspizzabar. #Westportct

Picked up 2 varieties: Manhattan(vegetarian) and Fig and prosciutto (white) pizza for lunch. So far it turned out to be best in area especially considering such perks as brick oven, thin crust, quality toppings, free delivery. Details below: http://julianspizzabar.com/

#St.IvesMixingBar. #NYC

Enjoyed using my new personalized face scrub this morning which was customized for me just yesterday during a visit to the St. Ives mixing bar at 168 fifth ave (open until about mid-Sept. and online until 12/31/18 at stivesmixingbar.com). Loved the aloe, rose water and volcanic sand ingredients I chose❤️ Each order comes with a…

#Neta. #NYC

Since I love sushi, decided to have lunch at Neta yesterday where I experienced some distinct and unique touches provided such as: Complimentary: Sencha green tea (toasted brown rice flavor) Chawan mushi-a dairy free type of egg soufflé with a Mochi rice base Housemade soy sauce (containing sake, shiitake mushrooms and kombu) I ordered these…

#Joecoffee. #NYC

Enjoyed the following items at the 9 East 13th street location: White beans and prosciutto toast: ❤️occasional use of meat (prosciutto) as a condiment and the chewy denseness of the thinly sliced multigrain bread; kidney beans really paired well with chives and basil Matcha chia pot-popular; enjoyed this multi-textured (chia, kiwi and coconut) and flavored…