Delicious, convenient vegan and gluten free protein powder (provided by Bob’s Red Mill). I enjoy using it to make a smoothie by adding kale, fruit and organic vanilla unsweetened soy milk. More details below:

#7thHeaven. #FaceMask

Really in need of a hydrating face mask transitioning from winter to spring season. Loved this coconut and clay peel off mask that I will pack for travel (individual packets). Found it to be quite soothing 😊 and easy to use with nice combo of seaweed, kaolin clay and pressed coconut oil.👍 Details below: http://www.my7thheaven.com/…

#ChocolateWorks. #DarienCt

My grandson and I tried out the fun art classes at #Chocolateworks in #DarienCt in which children get to pick out a mold of their choice, pretzel or graham cracker to paint and decorate and learn about the process of making chocolate. Loved the unique (customizable and Belgium chocolate) items, such as collages, they make…

#KaiSweets. #EdgewaterNJ

Found #Kai Sweets while shopping in (my fav Japanese market) #Mitsuwa in #EdgewaterNewJersey. Details below are just a few authentic Japanese delicacies presented so beautifully: Avocado salad Black Sesame pudding (to go in glass cup) Green tea Strawberry Daifuku (strawberry, red bean paste wrapped in mochi) Anmitsu (fresh fruit, gelatin,macha tea ice cream, red beans)

#Kristals #GreenwichCt

Had the pleasure of experiencing (in a beautifully decorated pristine environment) an #antiaging facial at #Kristals in #Greenwich last week and continue to enjoy the following 3 products at home: 24K Gold eye perfecting cream and Facial Perfecting Serum Rock Crystal Instant Skin Polisher Details below: https://www.kristals.com/


My husband and I brought our (toddler) grandson to the #SteppingStonesChildren’sMuseum in #NorwalkCt this morning. This was truly his fav outing by far!🎈 Great combo of Age-appropriate fun, educational, safe and friendly staff! Details below: http://www.steppingstonesmuseum.org/

#MyxKitchen #GreenwichCt

Decided to check out this new place while in Greenwich yesterday for take out and we enjoyed these menu items immensely: Curry Up with Salmon Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken Napoli Pizza Dessert: Housemade Ginger Tea PB Chocolate Energy Bites Details below: http://myxkitchen.com/

#BlueCactusGrill #NorwalkCt

Had to check out the buzz and experience #BlueCactusGrill in the #Springhill section of #NorwalkCt! First my husband and I enjoyed these items there: Scottsdale salad (❤️cilantro lime dressing) and the Colorado chicken cheese steak( grilled chicken breast with pesto and roasted peppers made on premises)👍 and sampled the notorious housemade potato chips (fresh,crisp without…

#Awakenthesenses #Gurunanda

❤️the life changing effects of aromatherapy that I have been experiencing for a few decades. The #Gurananda USB Bluetooth Speaker & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser allows me to experience my fav sounds 👂with my fav scents 👃using a simple and therapeutic modality. The use of the #Gurananda essential oils takes the entire experience up a…


Really enjoyed the update on clinical approaches to #treatmentofobesity held at Greenwich hospital! As a #Westportbasedregisteredand certifieddietitiannutritionist, I selectively register for and attend continuing education required in my field and enjoy attending such events with colleagues and other healthcare professionals within my community. Kudos to #YaleNewHavenHealth and #Greenwichhospital for organizing this. Details below: