Barcelona: Norwalk Ct

Live band: Thursdays 8-11 pm💃🏼

Upbeat atmosphere, knowledgeable and friendly staff, beautiful presentation and a great variety of well seasoned Mediterranean style food abound here!

The octopus (pulpo) was my favorite and was reminiscent of when I had it at my cousin’s restaurant in San Marzano, Italy.👌

The 3 drinks sampled ☺️ consisted of a nice balance of herbs, fruits and spices.

3 Cheeses: 6 month aged Manchego (made of sheep’s milk), drunken goat and Cana de caves (both goat’s milk) were exceptional.

Both desserts were flavorful and delicate: chocolate hazelnut indulgence (served warm) and crepes salguero (freshly made) pictured below with 3 varieties of Spanish sherries (after dinner flight).

Not to be missed!

More details in photos below and website link above.

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