Natural Spring Water Deal: 2/$1

Shoprite: Many flavors to choose from, 0 calories, refreshing, no sweeteners or colors! My favorite is: passion berry👍 Details below.

Stuffed Red Peppers

Just blended equal parts of cooked black beans and brown rice with a dash of cumin, garlic, oregano and onion powder for the stuffing, topped it with almond cheese and baked at 350 degrees for 1 hr. Feel free to adjust quantities to your own preference.

Meatless Monday Dinner

Was looking forward to using my San Marzano tomatoes so I decided to layer a bed of chopped frozen spinach with a thin layer of mini ravioli and topped it with the tomatoes, olive oil, basil and Romano cheese. Baked it at 425 degrees for 40 minutes and it was light and flavorful for what…

Indie Lee: Skin Care

Loved learning about her and her products from Indie Lee herself yesterday at a wellness event held at Anthropologie! As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I really appreciated her carefully chosen ingredients as well as packaging materials. See photos below which includes a photo of her and her daughter taken at the event and me 😊…

Aux Delices: Westport Ct

Had a delicious breakfast of avocado toast and honey lemon ginger tea at Aux Delices in their Westport Ct location this morning. The avocado was creamy and perfectly ripe and the texture of the toast was a great combo of chewy and grainy. Love the topping of a freshly cooked hard boiled egg for protein…

Panera: Brookfield, Ct

Arrived at noon today for a delicious lunch at Panera. It was bustling and everyone eating at the tables around me seemed quite content. I enjoyed my iced plum ginger hibiscus tea which was refreshing and a nice balance of light and fruity. Both the soba noodle with chicken (contained soy-miso broth which was outstanding)…

Snack on the go

#egglandsbest. #omega3. Have an egglands best hard boiled egg for my protein snack today. Love the omega 3! Details below: