Today’s Lunch: Omega 3👍

Tuna steaks were a great deal today at Stew Leonards ($6.99/lb). Just seared them and served over a bed of greens with avocado. Mixed a 50/50 blend of lemon juice and miso as a dressing.

No Quick Fix

Have you considered getting your nutrient needs met through food? Working towards a plant based diet with a little planning can save you money and your health. For this meal, I sauteed cubed tofu with this frozen veggie blend for a simple, healthy and delicious dinner. Since some supplements can drain your wallet and lead…

Organic Fresh Broccoli for Thanksgiving

Whole Foods Market just lowered their price on this. Can’t wait to steam it and top with fresh lemon juice🍋. This is my favorite way to eat it😋. (The vitamin C in the lemon enhances the absorption of iron in the broccoli). Check out link below for ways to incorporate it into your diet as…

Meatless Monday Dinner

Followed microwave directions (6 min) for this veg pad Thai and tossed it with (cubed) organic tofu for a quick and easy vegan meal tonight. Thank you Trader Joe’s!

Delight the Senses: Art Therapy👩‍🎨

Looking to spend a fun and stimulating afternoon with loved ones? Check out the huge Michelangelo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and learn more about this gifted artist who was already famous in his early twenties and lived (what was considered) an unsually long life in the 1500s. Be sure to get there…

Discovery Museum: Worth the Trip👨‍🚀

Now that the colder weather is here, I discovered a fun and interactive way for my grandchild to explore science and technology indoors without leaving Fairfield County. We found something for all ages as we explored 3 floors and attended the planetarium show-not to be missed👍Check out details below including thankful Friday coming up soon!…

Organic Brown Rice Flour

Gluten free alternative whole grain flour for the holidays that I like to use as a swap when flour is needed in a recipe. Possibilities for using it are endless😊Love the lighter texture results! Thank you Whole Foods Market!