Colombus Park

Love to escape by immersing myself into a different culture with sights and sounds included. Stepped into this park in Chinatown area of NYC recently and experienced Chinese music with a large community enjoying nature, chatting with neighbors, lunch, card games and more. See below:

Cheese Education

Everything you wanted to know about French cheese (but were afraid to ask). Details below:

Trip to Little Italy

Stopped for a slice of pizza Margarita which had a crust that was very thin and light, and just the right amount of super fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and a perfect sprinkling of olive oil. It reminded me very much of the pizza I have had in Naples, Italy. I was informed by the…

Nice Spa Experience💅🏽

Had a lovely experience going for a manicure in my neighborhood at the Kate Burton Spa. Walked in with laryngitis and she quickly made me a heavenly hot cup of green tea with honey. With a calming voice in a very serene environment, I received just the type of service I needed in which she…

Throat Soothers

Woke up this morning with laryngitis for which I added turmeric (reduces inflammation) in soup (warm liquids to soothe/prevent dryness) and massaged a homemade eucalyptus oil rub on my throat and chest. So nice to have had these ingredients on hand. Need my voice back soon 🤦‍♀️Details below:

Combining Creativity with Health and Economics

Typically create a recipe based on what’s in sale/in season. Must try sautéing eggplant and lean ground turkey in your fav tomato sauce and add mozzarella and/or ricotta when serving. The turkey was $1.99/lb and the ricotta $2.99/2 lb container and mozzarella $1.99 until Saturday at Shoprite. Lower fat choices available. Details below and on…