Turning Inconveniences into Opportunities ๐Ÿ˜€

Dreaded prep for a routine colonoscopy, especially the protocol which I was required to follow (including frequency and specified amounts of certain liquids to be ingested for an entire day, not to mention vague instructions for altering regular food intake for 3 days prior). All of this and ultimately hoping to get through anesthesia provided ok.

Decided to turn it into a spa weekend since it was scheduled early this Monday am.

Planned to have a variety of textures and ย flavored liquids on hand, served at different temperatures in different containers to still meet portion and liquid requirements but also to allow it to feel like a nurturing activity and experience.

For a relaxing environment, chose to set alarms all day long to serve as reminders to adhere to timing protocol specified in instructions rather be wrapped up in being overly vigilant to watch the clock and plan the next item.

In addition, had interesting books on hand, essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy bath and (last but not least) a hair and face mask.โ˜บ๏ธ

Ultimately, I arrived on time in a calm and positive state of mind for an otherwise unpleasant procedure.

Lastly, I arrived home to a simmering light chicken ginger (great for nausea) and veg soup which I started last night in the crock pot to ease into my day of recovery.

As the saying goes: “it’s all in the detail!”

Contact me if I can be of help in prep for your colonoscopy. Email: nancyferriello@gmail.com

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