Grilled veggies

Combined cut up eggplant, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, onions and peppers. Tossed them with light sprinkling of olive oil and freshly ground black pepper and grilled them in a perforated metal pan on barbecue.  Before/after pics below. Great alone or with grilled chicken, fish or with hummus in a wrap or salad.

Sweet way to satisfy hunger

Plums are in season, good source of vitamin c that helps increase absorption of iron into body, only 46 calories/100 grams, no saturated fats, full of vitamins and minerals!

Love this lentil stew

Used organic lentils in place of dal and beans this time. Such a delicate balance of a variety of spices that truly awakens the palate, not to mention the lost list of health benefits each of them have! Love it with a dollop of plain yogurt. Recipe right out of Sept/Oct issue of Eating Well…

Not a fish person?

Love this combo from Aldi’s: peanut butter with omega 3 (chia and flaxseeds) and raspberry spread.

Heavenly Arugula Salad

Love these 2 ingredients as a base and add in peaches, red onion, tuna and chickpeas!

Breakfast on the go

2 fav items that I enjoy together for early mornings which provide 15 grams of protein combined!

Gluten free muffins

Replaced banana with cherries and followed recipe below using Pamela’s all purpose gluten free flour which I received as a sample to try. Loved the light texture and flavor!

Perfect summer day breakfast

Made a yogurt swirl with plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, crushed walnuts and frozen mixed berries and chia seeds. Light and delicious!