Tropical Foods

The upcoming warm weather season reminds me of the tropics. Love to include plaintains or yuca as a nutritious and different starch alternative. Simply peel and boil yuca or when peel is mostly black, grill plaintain. Squirt lime on cut up avocado and serve as a garnish.   

Do you read labels?

The shorter the list the better. Check out these 2 labels. Best to have only peanuts listed when it comes to peanut butter without added fat and sugar.   


Rich in fiber, vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants. Super delicious!   

Chopped Salad

Combine fresh herbs like mint and parsley with grape tomatoes, red onions, scallions, lemon and olive oil for a refreshing lift!   

Mesquite Pork

Simply put a bit of this mesquite    on pork ribs and grilled it. Enjoy with collard greens and bean salad👍

Energy Boost

Be sure to include veggies in your meals and feel the difference💃🏼   

Fish stirfry

Tossed fresh fish with ginger,garlic,collards,jalapeño,red pepper and daikon for light and healthy lunch