Exotic lunch

Sauteed ground chicken with zataar spice with few other fav flavor boosters/health enhancers-parsley,garlic,black pepper,onion.  Advertisements

Egg drop soup

Combined 3 organic ingredients: chicken broth, edamame pasta and eggs to make a protein and fiber packed, delicious soup!

Healthy Snack

Peanutbutter and fresh berries on a whole grain roll up. (Good for you when that peanut butter only contains peanuts and berries are in place of jelly to cut down on sugar).

Beans and Rice

Sauteed red peppers, onions,garlic in olive oil with kidney beans, chipotle sauce  and fresh cilantro. Scooped it over (high antioxidants) cooked black rice. Make extra for next day !


Love this nutritious leafy green loaded with B vitamins. Sauteed red crushed pepper,garlic and oil cured olives with escarole topped with fav grated cheese.

Quick and easy miso soup

Combined few ingredients: miso, water, cubed tofu, scallions and edamame pasta. Simmered in pot 15 min. 

Quick and easy stirfry

Combined organic chicken with fresh seasonal veggies, scallions, ginger and garlic!   

Stuffed artichokes

Excellent source of folic acid, low in fat and calories. Great as an unusual appetizer! Just trimmed top and bottom and steam. Enjoy stuffed with garlic, spinach and parm cheese.   

Tropical Foods

The upcoming warm weather season reminds me of the tropics. Love to include plaintains or yuca as a nutritious and different starch alternative. Simply peel and boil yuca or when peel is mostly black, grill plaintain. Squirt lime on cut up avocado and serve as a garnish.   

Do you read labels?

The shorter the list the better. Check out these 2 labels. Best to have only peanuts listed when it comes to peanut butter without added fat and sugar.