Nature’s Bounty

You will never be disappointed if you pick a fruit in season as a dessert choice. It is beautiful, appetizing, nutritious, economical and delicious!

Don’t like veggies?

Try roasting them seperately or together with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and fav seasonings. Use parchment paper if you prefer to use less oil.   

Easter Prep

Marinating grass fed hormone free butterflied boneless leg of lamb with garlic, lemon, sea salt, black pepper and rosemary to roast Easter afternoon.   

Special Breakfast

Simple and easy if you love French toast flavor without bread. Blended whipped eggs with mashed banana and berries. Baked in muffin pan. See Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more!

Presentation of Meals

Received a spiralizer as a gift from my son and enjoy how it has made meals look and taste more interesting. See my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and linked in photo/post re: spiralized sweet potatoes today. Focusing on esthetics helps us to feel nurtured.