#kameramen. #japanese cuisine. #nyc

Aside from quality fresh ingredients and presentation, good customer service has always been important to me which is truly an art at #KameRamen, opened 2 years ago with 1 location🙏 Lunch started with hot green tea, ice water and their 2 signature housemade appetizers: 👌 Kakuni bun Gyoza Most popular entree:❤️ Spicy tonkotsu-flavorful Pork broth…

#vapiano. #mediterraneanfood. #nyc

It was truly a pleasure sampling the variety of Mediterranean style menu items on 2 occasions recently at #Vapianorestaurant in #NYC. So happy I was able to stick to plant based eating, switch out pasta for zoodles, have pizza topped with lots of fresh veggies with a thin crust and add fresh herbs- picked right…

#Ancolie. #sustainablerestaurant. #nyc

Really enjoyed 🤸🏼‍♀️starting my day today at Ancolie, a unique 👌sustainable 🙏restaurant located in Greenwich Village with freshly made coffee, organic egg and avocado sandwich and turmeric chia pudding. ❤️ Pic and more details below on items to explore and try: https://www.ancolie.co/

#SalonV #NYC #shinehairtreatment #winterrepairandshine

Today, I went for the “winter repair and shine treatment” at Salon V to start the spring season with a head of shiny hair!🌞 Started with picking from a beverage of my choice to sip, while I was in a zen like room, where my hair was washed and treated with two different products and…

#SpaBluenailsandspa. #NYC

Great way to start my day today in a serene and attentive environment while getting a thorough and nicely done manicure (see sparkly Spring color in pic below) to celebrate the new season🌺👍🌞 Details below:

#MomoSushi. #NYC

Loved my fresh, healthy and delicious lunch today at MoMo Sushi located at 239 Park Ave South, NYC. Started with miso soup and green tea👍 Worth trying: Crispy eggplant (stuffed with Smoky salmon) cold appetizer,🙏 Salmon skin salad (with seaweed and ginger dressing) 🌞 and blind spot (tuna,salmon and crab) signature roll❤️