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Sautéed several chopped fresh veg (tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, red onions and fennel) in olive oil with garlic, paprika and cumin and brown basmati rice, added shrimp in last 10 min of cooking for a delicious lunch 🙌after having no power 😆for about a week.🙏🌞

#vegandinner #easypeasy

Just added sliced fresh zucchini and Trader Joe frozen kale gnocchi (made with chickpeas in Italy) to my homemade tomato sauce which I spiked with Cabernet Sauvignon and simmered until tender for a simple and delicious plant based vegan dinner. Hope you enjoy sharing my walking meditation pic taken early morning before stores opened and…

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Froze a can of peaches packed in juice for 12 hrs, removed lid and let can sit in hot water until I could easily slide it out into blender to make a refreshing, tasty 1 ingredient vegan summer dessert. Hope you enjoy surprise pic captured by Cheryl McKenna, (Westport artist) of me (doing what I…

#nontoxic #diyfloorcleaner #3ingredients

Combined water, my fav essential oil and white vinegar (recipe link below) and enjoyed the scent of this diy cleaning solution using the mopping feature of my robotic floor cleaner. 🙌👍 Walking meditation pic below for your enjoyment. How to Make Homemade Floor Cleaner (Vinegar-Based)

#vegan #simplelunch

Really enjoyed tossing some items I had on hand including basil from the garden, plum tomatoes, Chardonnay, spinach gnocchi and cannelini beans with olive oil for a delicious vegan lunch. 👍Ready in minutes. Walking meditation pic below. Menu link has free subscription.🙌 May you be well🙏🌞