Saturday Breakfast

Lowfat Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries (juicy and plump in season) on wholegrain waffle. Simple, healthy and delicious!

Sea Scallops

Thanks to Stew Leonards, the sea scallops were a deal today at $9.99/lb and so fresh! (Details on their website).  Just sauteed them in a non stick pan and drizzled a dressing made of lime juice and miso. They were heavenly. As I continued my stroll through the store on the way to check out,…

Veggie Omelette

Using a nonstick pan, simmer any combo of veggies with your fav spices until tender and pour a few eggs whipped with a few tbsps of water. Lightly Top with your fav cheese. Cook until firm and enjoy a great combo of protein and antioxidants in no time! Great for any meal😋 ​ ​

A Day in the Life: Westport Library Exhibit

Have lovely memories of Westport since I was five years old. Many of them have been so creatively captured in this exhibit! Was so taken by the photos so nicely displayed during my visit there today. Reminds me of why I chose to live here and continue to enjoy all the amenities it has to…

Tis the season

Love eating seasonally! Enjoy the fresh abundance of basil and tomatoes now and delight in the heavenly aromas and flavors😋

Drink of the Day🥛

Love to kick my day off with something hydrating to replenish and cleanse my body. Refreshing flavor and made of mostly water, cucumber infused water is the way to go! Check out its amazing health benefits on link below. Happy hydrating💧